The Diamond Jubilee Coin

Approved by Buckingham Palace and HM The Queen

No-one alive today has witnessed a Royal Diamond Jubilee.  On 6th February 2012 that fact will change when Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 magnificent years on the throne.

In celebration of this historic event, an official new coin has been issued by The Westminster CollectionApproved by Buckingham Palace and HM The Queen, there are several features that make it highly collectable.

Firstly, using modern minting techniques, the coin features a full colour photographic image of The Queen at Buckingham Palace during her Golden Jubilee celebrations.  This is the first time this iconic Julian Calder portrait has ever featured on a coin.

Secondly, the coin has been finished with the exquisite addition of 24 carat gold plating and strictly limited to just 60,000 worldwide.

And finally, in commemoration of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee, the coin has been enhanced with the rare addition of a diamond-shaped edge in place of the standard milled one.  This is the first coin in the world to be struck in this way.

Having only ever been one other Royal Diamond Jubilee for Queen Victoria in the entire history of the British monarchy, The Westminster Collection are already experiencing significant demand for this new coin.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend you reserve your coin as soon as you are able.  

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