Part 2 of 6 – The Life of Queen Elizabeth II

2.      Family Affairs

In 1955, the Queen faced a family and constitutional crisis due to the attraction between Princess Margaret and a royal equerry, Peter Townsend, a war hero who happened to be divorced.  Princess Margaret reluctantly gave him up and in 1960 married Anthony Armstrong-Jones, divorcing him in 1976.  

The Queen came from a loving close-knit family, so the failed marriages of her sister Margaret and children Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and, especially Prince Charles to the tragic Princess Diana, caused her great pain.  However, while the childhoods of Charles and Anne were a little chilly and formal, the later births of Prince Edward (1960) and Prince Andrew (1963) were followed by a warmer and more intimate childhood relationship with their mother.  

Another potential problem was Queen Elizabeth’s mother the former Queen Consort, left a widow at 51 and without an obvious role.  However the Queen Mother proved a great asset, providing tireless support for her daughter and becoming one of the most valued and loved of royals.


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