Worries over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations…

It was difficult to turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper the past couple of weeks without reading about the awful rioting and looting that took place around Britain’s cities.

And with fewer than six months to go till The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and with preparations for the celebrations well underway, I’m sure organisers and The Queen are worried about the long-term impact this mindless rioting has done to the British public.

Indeed, it was only 5 months ago that the whole nation was celebrating the Royal Wedding. Britain was on a high and the feel good factor was electrifying. It was a joyful occasion as millions of people watched Prince William marry Catherine Middleton.

Lets get that feel good factor back! Brian May on the rooftop of Buckingham Palace, performing 'God Save The Queen' at the Queen's Golden Jubilee, June 3rd 2003 - Photo by Arthur Edwards.

What’s important now is that we get that feel good factor back and it was great to see so many people volunteering to help clean up the mess caused by these yobs. It showed that the great British spirit is still alive and I for one believe that we now need to look forward to the Diamond Jubilee celebrations more than ever.

So I will say no more about these riots and will instead focus on updating you will all the feel good Diamond Jubilee news as it happens.

What are your thoughts about the past couple of weeks?


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