Does the Queen wear her crown in bed? New children’s book has the answer…

The book reveals everything children want to know about The Queen!

The Queen has brought out her first children’s book which answers some of the burning questions children have always wanted to ask her. Entitled ‘Does the Queen Wear Her Crown in Bed?’, the 32 page paperback features a pair of cartoon children and a footman as they explore Buckingham Palace and its surroundings.

It explains what you should do if you meet the monarch (men and boys should bow their heads, women and girls should curtsey). And you should start by calling her ‘Your Majesty’ and then use ‘Ma’am’ (to rhyme with jam) for the rest of the conversation. It also reveals that the Queen has 650 rooms in her Palace, and that her 7 dogs travel everywhere with her – even on her plane. Well, now you know!

Inspired by the many questions that children have asked her, Marion McAuley, a former Head of Education at the Royal Collection, decided to provide the answers in the Royal Household’s first children’s book about the Queen’s London home – sure to be a winner with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the horizon.

I bought a copy for my 5 year old daughter last week, and whilst she was fascinated by it (and particularly excited to see a wedding photograph of William and Kate in the book) – I have to admit that I learnt rather a lot too!

If you would like to get hold of a copy for the younger members of your family (or yourself!) you can order it from the Royal Collection’s online shop  (£3.95 + p&p). Certainly an interesting and quirky addition to any bookshelf…


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