The ‘Jubilee Time Capsule’ – Be a Part of History

To mark the 2012 Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth, the Royal Commonwealth Society is compiling a time capsule of memorable events during those 22,000 days.

The charity is calling for people to send in stories about their experiences in Commonwealth countries during the past 60 years, with the best contributions being included in the capsule, to become part of a permanent archive for people to learn about life in the Commonwealth.

The capsule will be buried in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and some of the content will be used as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations around the Commonwealth in 2012

Using the Jubilee Time Capsule website,  you can literally select any day within the last 60 years which has some meaning to you and record your thoughts, photos, audio recordings or videos.  These can then be uploaded very easily once you have registered (again – all very quick and easy to do).  Visit for more information and be a part of history!


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