Send Us Your Memories

We are currently putting together a collection of  “Royal Memories” from the great British public – and we would love for you to be a part of it.   

Do you have any stories or memories of the 1953 Coronation that you’d like to share with us?  Were you lucky enough to be in London on Coronation Day or did you attend a street party?  How did you celebrate? 

Has The Queen visited your town? Perhaps you have even met her during your lifetime!  If you have any fond recollections of HM Queen Elizabeth II during her 60 year reign, any stories or anecdotes – we would love to hear from you.

Please tell us your memories below…

A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name as you provide it and location unless you state otherwise. But your contact details will never be published.


2 Responses to Send Us Your Memories

  1. Lynda, Hampshire says:

    I can still vividly remember Coronation Day (I was 9 years old). At school we were given chocolates, ice cream and a free miniature Union Jack flag (which I own to this day!). Our family were invited to watch the ceremony at our ‘posh’ neighbours house (they owned a TV). I’ll never forget my mother’s frantic ‘shushing’ as 15 of us crowded around the tiny screen to watch history in the making.

  2. Martin, Bucks says:

    The Queen paid a visit to the Farm Shop I used to work in. We all had to stand in line, in our freshly washed and pressed aprons while she chatted to the owner of the Farm Shop. Her Majesty was holding a bunch of flowers, given to her by one of the local school children. I watched in horror as a bee that had been sitting on the bouquet, took off and landed on the brim of the Queen’s hat. Instead of watching the Queen and taking in the moment – I couldn’t take my eyes off the bee, terrified that it would crawl down onto the Queen’s face. Needless to say, it flew off without incident and the Queen was none the wiser. But a day I will never forget!

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