Push the boat out and celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with a £100,000 bottle of whisky!

For some, the perfect way to celebrate a Royal occasion would be to enjoy a drink or two. But at £100,000, the John Walker & Sons limited edition bottle of whisky may be a little steep.

It has been reported that John Walker & Sons (who hold a Royal Warrant), will be producing 60 crystal decanters of ‘Diamond Jubilee Blended Scotch Whisky’. But before you all rush off to your local off licence, these decanters will only be available by invitation at a private sale of £100,000 each.

We have been told that at least £1 million profit will be going to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust, the charitable arm of the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

Sixty editions of ‘Diamond Jubilee by John Walker & Sons’ will be bottled on 6th February 2012, exactly 60 years to the day since The Queen acceded to the Throne.

The auction will take place in early 2012 with the date and location confirmed later this year.


About David Pool

Online Marketing Manager for The Westminster Collection
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